Png Pune Today Gold Rate

Png Pune Today Gold Rate

Png Pune General Information:

Name:Purshottam Narayan Gadgil (P. N. Gadgil & Sons).
Friends /family : Narayanrao Vasudeorao Gadgil , Ganesh Narayan Gadgil,Vishwanath, Laxman, and Anant Gadgil (Dajikaka),Purshottam Narayan Gadgil
Date of birth :
Profession:Ganesh Narayan Gadgil was jeweller and businessman by profession form Sangli in 1832,Maharashtra ,India.
NationalityPurshottam Narayan Gadgil was Indian by Nationality
Showrooms in MaharashtraAmravati,Aundh (Pune),Badalapur,Beed,Bhosari (Pune),Chinchwad (PCMC),Dhule,Dombivli,Jalgaon,Kalaburagi (Gulbarga – Karnataka),Mumbai,Nandurbar,Narayangaon,Nashik,Nashik Road,Dharashiv(Osmanabad),Pandharpur,Parbhani,Phaltan,Sangamner,Satara Road (Pune),Sinhagad Road (Pune),Shirdi,Shirur,Solapur,Vadodara (Gujarat),Wardha,VimanNagar.
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Png Pune today gold rate: (Per 1 Gram)

14 KTRs. 3843 PER 1 GMS
18 KTRs. 4928 PER 1 GMS
22 KTRs. 6044 PER 1 GMS
24 KT (995GW)Rs. 6490 PER 1 GMS
24 KT (995)Rs. 6540 PER 1 GMS
24 KT (999)Rs. 6570 PER 1 GMS
SilverSilver Rs. 74.50
Silver BarRs. 75.00
Platinum-950Rs. 3530
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From Trimbak to Pune: The Journey of Gadgil Jewelers

In the early 19th century, the Gadgil family left their village in Maharashtra for a brighter future in Sangli. Mr. Narayanrao Vasudeorao Gadgil continued the family business of selling towels, known as “Gadgili Panche.

His son Ganesh learned the jewelry trade and started his own business in Sangli in 1832, naming it “Ganesh Narayan Gadgil.”

Over time, the business thrived, and by the fourth generation, the family expanded beyond Sangli. Vishwanath, Laxman, and Anant Gadgil took the legacy to Pune in 1958, opening their first showroom on Laxmi Road.

This move was bold, considering Pune’s traditional jewelry market was limited to a specific area.

With a focus on trust, transparent policies, craftsmanship, and service, Purshottam Narayan Gadgil (PNG) gained success in Pune.

In 2012, the company demerged, forming P. N. Gadgil & Sons under Mr. Govind Gadgil & Dr. Renu Gadgil. By November 2017, P. N. Gadgil & Sons became a limited company.

The family treasures their history, preserving the first-day business page from 1832 as a reminder of their journey. Today, PNG is a renowned name in the jewelry industry, carrying forward its legacy since 1832.

Gold rate today pune png

gold rate today pune png: (Per 10 Gram)

14 KTRs. 38430 PER 10 GMS
18 KTRs. 49280 PER 10 GMS
22 KTRs. 60440 PER 10 GMS
24 KT (995GW)Rs. 64900 PER 1 GMS
24 KT (995)Rs. 65400 PER 1 GMS
24 KT (999)Rs. 65700 PER 1 GMS
SilverRs. 74433 PER 1KG
Silver BarRs. 75000 PER 1KG
Platinum-950Rs. 33770 PER 10 GMS
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P. N. Gadgil: Where Every Customer is Royalty

P. N. Gadgil is a trusted jewelry brand with a rich history dating back to 1832. At P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd., we believe that purity of thought is key to everything we do. Our commitment is to provide 100% value for our customers’ money, respecting their efforts and patronage.

With a skilled design team and a vast collection of in-house designs, we offer unique jewelry of the highest quality. Every piece is crafted with the customer in mind, tailored to their personality and preferences.

Our dedication to customer service is well-known, earning us patrons from all over the country. As expressed by H. H. Raja of Sangli in 1958, we treat every customer like royalty, ensuring sincerity and service for all.

Png Pune Today Gold Rate 22 carat:

14 KTRs. 39380 PER 10 GMS
18 KTRs. 47790 PER 10 GMS
22 KTRs. 57860 PER 10 GMS
24 KTRs. 62500 PER 10 GMS
SilverRs. 1,325 PER 1KG
Platinum-950Rs. 33770 PER 10 GMS

P. N. Gadgil & Sons: Our Journey Through Time:

  • 1832: Founding in Sangli
  • P. N. Gadgil was founded in Sangli, marking the beginning of our legacy.
  • 1958: Expansion to Pune
  • Our first showroom outside Sangli opened in Pune, initiating our journey of growth.
  • 2012: Evolution into P. N. Gadgil & Son’s
  • The company underwent a transformation, demerging from P. N. Gadgil & Company to form P. N. Gadgil & Son’s. Showrooms in Chinchwad and Nashik were established during this phase.
  • 2013-2023: Continued Expansion and Achievements
  • We expanded across Maharashtra and beyond, with showrooms opening in various cities such as Solapur, Mumbai, and Vadodara. Our accomplishments include being listed in the Fortune 500 India List in 2021, highlighting our commitment to excellence.
  • 2024: Our Journey Continues
  • As we move forward, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service to our valued customers, reflecting the values instilled in us since our inception.

New Store Offerings:

The new store offers three main collections of jewelry. The Bella collection features Italian finish designs with laser cutting, including lightweight pendant sets, rings, and bracelets made of 22K gold.

The Saavya collection is an exclusive range of oxidized necklaces in silver, blending ancient tribal art with oxidized temple motifs.

These pieces are vibrant, beautiful, and suitable for any occasion. Lastly, the Aniva collection consists of diamond wedding necklace sets that use modern technology to enhance their appearance, making you feel like a shining star.

Png Pune Today Gold Rate :

14 KTRs. 38430 PER 10 GMS
18 KTRs. 47790 PER 10 GMS
22 KTRs. 57860 PER 10 GMS
24 KTRs. 62500 PER 10 GMS
SilverRs. 1,325 PER 1KG
Platinum-950Rs. 3530
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P. N. Gadgil Board of Directors :-

Govind Gadgil: Promoter, Chairman, and Whole-time Director
Renu Gadgil: Whole-time Director
Amit Modak: Whole-time Director and Chief Executive Officer
Udaya Kalkundrikar: Non-Executive Director
Ashish Khandelwal: Independent Director
Ashok Gokhale: Independent Director
Ranjeet Natu: Independent Director
(DIN stands for Director Identification Number)

P. N. Gadgil Social Media:

1,800 posts
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FacebookP N Gadgil & Sons
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TwitterPNG & SONS (@Pngandsons) / X
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Png Pune gold rate today in Sinhagad Road (Pune) :

14 KTRs. 39380 PER 10 GMS
18 KTRs.49280 PER 10 GMS
22 KTRs. 60440 PER 10 GMS
24 KTRs. 64900 PER 10 GMS
SilverRs. 74433 PER 1KG
Platinum-950Rs. 33770 PER 10 GMS
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Expansion and Promotions of P. N. Gadgil & Company


Since 2015, P. N. Gadgil & Company’s Pune branch has expanded its operations through franchising in various cities across Maharashtra, as well as in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The Pune branch has garnered association with Bollywood celebrities such as Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, and Sushmita Sen. They have also supplied jewelry for Bollywood movies like “Bajrangi Bhaijan” and “Bajirao Mastani,” along with Marathi films including “Balgandharva” and “Katyar Kaljat Ghusali,” among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd.

Q1. What does P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. sell?

Ans: P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. sell a wide range of jewelry, including gold, silver, and diamond pieces.

Q2. Where are your stores located?

Ans: P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd.‘s stores are located in various cities in Gujrat, Maharashtra, including Amravati,Aundh (Pune),Badalapur,Beed,Bhosari (Pune),Chinchwad (PCMC),Dhule,Dombivli,Jalgaon,Kalaburagi (Gulbarga – Karnataka),Mumbai,Nandurbar,Narayangaon,Nashik,Nashik Road,Dharashiv(Osmanabad),Pandharpur,Parbhani,Phaltan,Sangamner,Satara Road (Pune),Sinhagad Road (Pune),Shirdi,Shirur,Solapur,Vadodara and others.

Q3. Do you offer online shopping?

Ans: Yes, P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. have an online platform where you can browse and purchase our jewelry.

Q4. What are the special collections available at P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd.?

Ans: P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd offer special collections like the Bella collection featuring Italian finish designs, the Saavya collection with oxidized necklaces, and the Aniva collection with diamond wedding sets.

Q5. Do P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. provide home delivery?

Ans: Yes, P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. provide free, secure, and insured home delivery for our customers across India.

Q6. How can I trust the quality of P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. jewelry?

Ans: P. N. Gadgil & Sons pvt ltd. have earned the title of ‘Most Trusted Jeweler of Maharashtra’ through our commitment to quality and integrity. Additionally, their customers’ reviews and feedback reflect their satisfaction with our products.

Q7. Can I find jewelry for special occasions like weddings?

Ans: Absolutely! They have a range of wedding jewelry sets, including diamond sets from their Aniva collection, that are perfect for special occasions.

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