Top 20 Best Jewellery Companies In India 2024

India’s love for beautiful jewelry manifests in a vibrant industry incorporating design expertise passed down generations alongside technological innovations for casting and gem setting. Beyond inherent value, jewels carry sentimental meaning in Indian culture relating to traditions around weddings, gifting rituals wearing ornaments for blessings, and self-expression.

The increasing national demand fuels cutthroat competition as jewelry companies strive to win loyal consumer bases across metro plus tier 2 city hubs. Standing out in 2024 requires sharp branding, transparency around quality assurance, sensible price positioning, and mastery in translating India’s rich jewelry legacy into trending bridal looks plus everyday style.

Based on annual sales revenue, franchise growth, and inventory value along with consumer trust and preference, these 20 jewelry companies lead India’s glittering jewelry sector for more information visit our website Gold Rate today in Pune.

1. Tanishq

The jewellery vertical of the Tata Group, Tanishq dominates the national market with gorgeous gold collections for weddings and regular fashion. Positioned as thoughtfully Indian and progressive, Tanishq pioneered standardized jewellery hallmarking in India establishing consumer trust. With 400+ stores nationally, their signature diamond collections, gold coins, and stunning bridal jewels sparkle as quintessentially Indian.

2. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Valued over $4.5 billion globally, Malabar Gold and Diamonds retains its position as one of the largest jewelry retailers thanks to the brand’s culture-rich heritage appeal and their manufacturing scale crafting gold for Indian sensibilities. With a presence across 10 countries, Malabar Gold unveiled one of India’s first Design Entrepreneur programs allowing customers to reimagine old jewels into trendy recycled pieces.

3. Kalyan Jewellers

Currently, India’s biggest jewelry chain boasting 150+ domestic showrooms, Kalyan Jewellers’ commitment towards reasonable costs and transparent pricing make precious ornaments accessible for middle-class families celebrating traditions like Akshaya Tritiya. Catering to regular fashion needs alongside bridal collections, Kalyan’s profits increased 25% this fiscal year confirming the brand’s national appeal.

4. PC Jewellers

Reporting annual turnover of over 6000 crore rupees from 87 showrooms across 61 Indian cities, Delhi-based PC Jewellers positions itself as the go-to for today’s fashion lovers wanting responsibly made jewels showcasing modern interpretations of heritage styles like kundan, polki, and classic gold. Specializing in bridal collections, their flagship stores provide experiential shopping highlighted through celebrity clientele and media coverage.

5. Jos Alukkas Jewellery

With ambitious plans to open 20 new showrooms annually, this leading Kerala jeweller Jos Alukkas retains popularity through their commitment towards reasonable rates for precious bride gold sets and lightweight everyday wear ornaments. Inspired by 60 years of family legacy, Jos Alukkas brings Southern India thousands of designs celebrating metal purity, auspicious motifs, and festive adornment.

Leading National Jewellery Chains

Rising alongside heritage brands, national jewelry chains rely on franchising models and integrated manufacturing to make stunning ornaments affordable fashion essentials through standardized jewelry collections and reasonable making charges.

6. Candere

Digital-first jeweler Candere disrupts the market by eliminating middlemen and utilizes 3D printing technology with GIA-certified conflict-free diamonds. This directly allows lower prices compared to shopping offline plus bridges the gap between online and offline shopping allowing easy product exchanges across India.

7. BlueStone

A pioneer among e-commerce jewelers, BlueStone balances tech-savvy operations with the human touch through transparent gem quality disclosures and expert guidance easing the diamond buying process. Their try-at-home service fosters customer relationships even while price matching online.

8. CaratLane

CaratLane empowers the modern Indian woman to become confident diamond buyers and wearers through interactive education on the 4Cs, innovative design seamless online-offline jewelry browsing, and purchase enabled through their 70 Indian showrooms.

9. Youva Jewellery

Positioning beautiful daily jewelry for modern women, Youva taps young professionals and newlyweds with delicate gold and diamond essentials supporting everyday Indian wear. Youva fosters lifetime consumer relationships via sensible pricing and consistent design quality.

10. Jewels Galaxy

Nationally known for crafted artistry in classic gold, bridal diamond polki plus Italian designs, Jewels Galaxy balances heritage styles with a contemporary essence through modern innovations like patented locks bridging Indian and Western sensibilities.

Prominent Regional Jewellers

While national chains prioritize scaling through standardization, regional jewelers focus on preserving local styles and superior craftsmanship catering to traditional community aesthetics and unique cast techniques.

11. Joy Alukkas

With nearly 100 global showrooms, Joy Alukkas represents India as the world’s preferred jeweler renowned for diamond and gold excellence including celebrated collections like the Peacock Dance incorporating over 2000 rainbow gems. Customers trust Joy Alukkas for fair pricing, responsible sourcing, and manufacturing scale.

12. Lalitha Jewellery Mart

Leading designer heritage jeweller from Kerala, Lalithaa handpicks each gem sourcing directly from across the globe. Curating bridal antique jewelry plus recreations of temple jewels, their stunning craftsmanship showcases South Indian regalia beyond basic gold.

13. Prince Jewellery

Houses like Prince Jewellery fuel Coimbatore’s fame for exquisite jewels rivaling top Indian metropoles through lightweight gold, temple jewelry, and classic diamond collections. Prince continues leading Tamil Nadu forward as part of emerging national brands.

14. GRT Jewellers

In operation since 1900, GRT represents Chennai’s heritage as a jewelry capital while staying relevant through celebration jewels marking today’s wedding occasions. Families rely on GRT for trending lightweight bridal sets and intricate antique silver.

15. WHP Jewellers

Mumbai’s century-old jeweller WHP modernizes Maharashtrian bridal style blending antique surfaces with polki, pearl, and colored gem accents across their Pune and Mumbai showrooms plus international presence in Belgium catering to NRI weddings.

Top Jewellery Designers

While commercial players drive volume, India’s legacy in jewelry artistry and design lives on through independent designers creating show-stopping runway and red carpet couture fueling global fascination with opulent Indian jewels.

16. Farah Khan

Bollywood insider Farah Khan combines trained gemology skills with an insider eye on celebrity and bridal trends to produce statement chokers plus contemporary heirlooms coveted within elite Mumbai social circles and international runways like Milan Fashion Week.

17. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Couturier Sabyasachi puts Indian craftsmanship on global runways through handmade textured jewelry interpreting heritage styles like polki diamonds and multicolored gemstones with a modern glamour mixing hyperlocal allure with luxurysensibility.

18. Amrapali

Visionary design duo Amrapali Jewels preserves nearly extinct jewellery arts like glass enameling, hand carving, and bead stringing passed down generations translating priceless knowledge into collectible museum-level showpieces made ethically empowering karigars.

Leading Diamond Companies

India cuts and polishes 11 out of 12 diamonds sold globally. Surat’s diamond expertise gets molded by trusted companies suiting contemporary brides and professionals appreciating the diamond’s enduring sparkle relating to sacred traditions.

19. Adora Diamonds

Custodians of the diamond dream, Adora Gems spotlights craftsmanship with couture polish crafting conflict-free diamonds responsibly sourced adhering to sustainable mining and community upliftment. Specializing across bridal solitaires, Adora’s manufacturing excellence makes owning these miracles of nature an accessible reality.

20. KGK Group

Valued over $3 billion globally KGK represents India to the world dealing in polished diamonds, diamond jewelry, and diamond-colored gemstones. Their vertically integrated manufacturing operations bring consumers diamonds vetted for ethical mining, cutting-edge precision plus certified authenticity.

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